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One of Hottest & Most Unique books on the Market today.
Upon its first release, it Sold Out on Amazon with 48 hours.

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NOW AVAILABLE - The Hardcover Collectors Edition of 007 The Armoury - Each book is numbered. ONLY 500 Copies


An Unofficial Concise Guide Celebrating 60 Years Of James Bond’s Weapons On The Silver Screen

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About the Author

Mark Hazard, the non de plume used by one of the world's most renowned authorities of weaponry used in the James Bond franchise, as well as the owner of the finest "quality not quantity" James Bond memorabilia collections in the world.
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This is a 153-page, high quality square-bound book printed on museum quality, glossy paper stock with a soft-touch laminate cover. The book is filled with over 300 photos showcasing the guns and other weapons.


007 The Armoury is the most comprehensive compilation of firearms and other weapons used in the James Bond movies over the last 60 years, containing many ‘Never before seen’ photographs. 


In the films, we often catch a quick glimpse of some weapon without clearly seeing the details.

This book solves that problem due to the high level of detail and information on each of the firearms... which is jaw-dropping!


As you see in the sample pages, each weapon is isolated on a clean blue background for viewing ease. Additionally, the photos are not stock photos of guns. They are photos of the actual props used in the films, many now housed in private collections.


You will not find a more comprehensive guide to the guns used by our favorite ‘Gentleman Spy” and his various nemeses. It will be a welcome addition to your library as well as a fabulous reference guide.

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A Look Inside

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